MacAD.UK 2017

I’m delighted to announce that the lovely people at Amsys have asked me to return to speak at MacAD.UK 2017 for it’s second year. This year I will be talking about Airbnb’s transition from a commercial macOS management platform to an entirely open source stack - “Something something commercial, something something open source”.

See you all in February!

0 to Imagr-ing in 45 minutes

If you attended my talk in Gothenburg today, thank you! The slides from my primary talk, “0 to Imagr-ing in 45 minutes” are available here, and you can find the all of the code I used on GitHub. If for some reason you would like my slides on beer in London (or, VMware is slow at imaging a disk and I needed to fill time), you can also get them here.

Return of the Yo notifications

Last time, took our first steps to notify our users about updates in a slight nicer way. This time we are going to modify our script so that our users are only bugged once a day, and also not promoted to install 10.11 if they’re already running it.

Unfortunately for some, whilst this will be possible if we stuck to using bash, it would drive me insane, so we are switching to Python. Don’t be scared! Python makes a lot of sense once you get your head around it, and you’ll be a much happier mac admin once you leave the 1500 line bash scripts behind.

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More notifications with Yo: The Yo Strikes Back

Last time, we took our first look at the fantastic Yo. This time, we’re going to o something useful - we’re going to open an item up in Managed Software Centre.

Let’s build our command to show the notification. Note that InstallElCap is the name of the relevent item in Munki. You could for example, replace it with munki://detail-GoogleChrome.

$ /Applications/Utilities/ --title "Update Required" --info "Your operating system is out of date. Please upgrade ASAP." --action-btn "More Info" --action-path "munki://detail-InstallElCap"

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Nicer notifications with Yo

Have you ever wished you could let your users know about something without completely taking over their screen with Munki or jamfhelper? Perhaps something that would respect macOS’ Do Not Disturb settings? Then Shea Craig’s Yo is what you need.

The first thing you’re going to need is the Yo installer - you can grab that from

It will drop into /Applications/Utilities - but don’t go thinking you can just double click on it. Well, you can but you won’t have much fun with it. Let’s send it a basic notification. Open up and run:

$ /Applications/Utilities/ --title "You are lovely" --info "I mean it, you look really lovely today"

So let’s say you would like a button that takes your users to a webpage that gives them more information on their loveliness:

$ /Applications/Utilities/ --title "You are lovely" --info "I mean it, you look really lovely today" --action-btn "Do I?" --action-path ""

So that’s all there is to using Yo to send notifications to your users. Next time, we’ll look at using this for something more useful to Mac admins.