Nicer notifications with Yo

Have you ever wished you could let your users know about something without completely taking over their screen with Munki or jamfhelper? Perhaps something that would respect macOS’ Do Not Disturb settings? Then Shea Craig’s Yo is what you need.

The first thing you’re going to need is the Yo installer - you can grab that from

It will drop into /Applications/Utilities - but don’t go thinking you can just double click on it. Well, you can but you won’t have much fun with it. Let’s send it a basic notification. Open up and run:

$ /Applications/Utilities/ --title "You are lovely" --info "I mean it, you look really lovely today"

So let’s say you would like a button that takes your users to a webpage that gives them more information on their loveliness:

$ /Applications/Utilities/ --title "You are lovely" --info "I mean it, you look really lovely today" --action-btn "Do I?" --action-path ""

So that’s all there is to using Yo to send notifications to your users. Next time, we’ll look at using this for something more useful to Mac admins.

Hands on with Imagr at MacDevOps:YVR

Thanks to Mat and everyone else who put so much effort into MacDevOps:YVR - it’s been awesome, and I can’t wait to come back next year. Here are my slides, and I’ll slim down the handout for use in the real world where you don’t have a room full of nerds hammering a single access point shortly and update this post.

Imagr 1.1.1

I’m pleased to announce that Imagr 1.1.1 is out! Why am I so happy? This is the first release that’s made up nearly all of community contributions. So many thanks to everyone who has helped out with code, documentation and filing bugs.

And if you’re going to be at MacDevOps:YVR in a few weeks, we’ll be taking a look at how to use some of these new features.

Find out more about this release over on GitHub.

Conference Season 2016

For one reason or another, I may need to stay out of the US for a bit this year, but that doesn’t mean I’m not going to be giving any talks - no siree!

In June, I’m going to be heading over to Vancouver for MacDevOps:YVR where I will be leading a workshop that will take you through getting started with Imagr, and I will also be sitting on a panel that is focusing on configuration management.

Then in October, I’ll be in Gothenburg for my first time at MacSysAdmin. This time I’ll be taking a different slant on Imagr - rather than looking at how you can get started, I’m going to stand up production quality services in 45 minutes.

I’m rather excited about visiting these two conferences for the first time, and I hope I’ll see some new faces as well as some old friends.

Getting started as a Mac admin

I’ve been wanting to write this post ever since Rich Trouton wrote a similar one after MacADUK, but I finally got the kick to finally write it after I saw this job advert. That’s right, they want an experienced Mac admin who is willing to work for around what McDonald’s pay a trainee manager. If you are indeed starting out in your career supporting OS X, know that you don’t have to settle for appalling renumeration like that!

Ok, rant mode over. Here is the post I wish I’d read before I started doing all this 8 years ago.

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