Profile Manager Enrollment Package

Over the past week or so, we had a need to enroll macs automagically with a Lion Profile Manager server. My first plan was to do what Charles Edge did in his recent blog post and use DeployStudio. Then I remembered another post by Charles on /usr/bin/profiles and wondered if I could make a workflow that can be used throughout our deployment and system maintenance process - yup, the humble pkg, that can be popped into Munki for existing macs, installed with DeployStudio for imaging and pushed out with ARD if need be.

Get the code from GitHub

Assuming you’ve got The Luggage set up, first off you’ll need your enrollment and trust profiles: 

  1. Create a new enrollment profile
  2. Give your enrollement profile a name
  3. Download the trust profile
  4. Download the enrollment profile

If your attachments auto open, click cancel when you’re asked if you want to install the profiles so they stay in ~/Downloads. Rename them to enroll.mobileconfig and trust.mobileconfig and pop them into the directory you cloned from GitHub. A quick make pkg and you’ve got your package.