Open sourcing Airbnb's Puppet module for Munki

It’s probably no secret that we use Puppet to configure our macOS fleet at Airbnb. And whilst we have given several talks about how we use Puppet on macOS, there was still a lot of hand waving about how we had our modules set up.

So, after several months of me saying “I should open source that”, here is our first open source Puppet module: puppet-munki.

What does it do?

As you may have guessed, it is a Puppet module that installs and configures Munki. More specifically:

Is something broken? Want to help make this better?

Whilst this module has been in development here for several months, there is always room for improvement. Please file issues and pull requests if you have any suggestions or problems.

This isn’t the only module we have planned for release, so watch this space.