Conference Talks (Summer 2018 Edition)

It’s been three long months since I gave a talk with Brett, my lovely coworker at MacAd.UK, so it’s time to give some talks on the side of the pond which I currently reside.

Firstly I will be at MacDevOps:YVR on June 7th - 8th, where I will be joined by fellow beer snob Wes Whetstone where we will be talking about Crypt and probably talking about beer in the bar afterwards.

The next stop on my summer tour of places that aren’t the Bay Area will be PSU MacAdmins on July 10th - 13th. I’m speaking on July 11th at 3:15PM in the snappily named room “TBA2”, where I will be peering into my completely made up crystal ball and will be looking at where managing Apple devices is going and how that will affect our roles at Mac Admins.

I’m looking forward to seeing you all at one or both of these great conferences, so you can all tell me I’m wrong in the bar ;)

If you haven’t got your tickets yet, here is a 20% discount link for MDO:YVR and if you register by May 15th you can get $200 off your tickets for PSU.