Introducing MDMDirector

At work, we’re great fans of MicroMDM. It’s lightweight, it’s all driven via an API so we can configure it with code - it has nearly everything we want. But unfortunately, it doesn’t have everything - as Groob himself says, “it’s not a product” - this means it purposely doesn’t include some of the things you may need from an MDM.

This is where MDMDirector comes in.

MDMDirector is able to receive the data from MicroMDM from it’s webhook feature and then take action based on the data it receives. Perhaps you need to ensure a profile is of a certain version on all of your devices? MDMDirector has you covered. What about via a REST API? We definitely do that too. Would you like to retrieve SecurityInfo or CertificateList from the machines regularly? Yep, can do that as well.

MDMDirector is most definitely opinionated - it was written to support the workflow we have at my employer - which means it may not be for everyone. It purposely doesn’t include a GUI as it is designed to be driven by automation tools like your Configuration Management tool or a CI/CD tool. For the same reason, it doesn’t have any other logical groupings other than all machines or one machine - something else is managing that part of the puzzle.

What MDMDirector will give you is a tool to orchestrate MicroMDM in a programmatic fashion - if those words make a lightbulb go ping in your head, head over to GitHub and open issues and pull requests so we can make MDMDirector better.