Movember 2021

As some of you may know, in 2018 my testicle decided to try to kill me, and in an effort to not let anyone else go through that, for the past three years I’ve been fundraising for Movember.

This year is no different. Obviously in November I’ll be shaving off my beard and growing a wonderful mustache (despite what Mrs G says, it is wonderful), but we’ll be starting off this year a little early. The entire Gilbert family (including our 3 year old daughter) will be taking part in The Bubble Run. On October 23rd we will all be running / sliding through the 5K course (or more accurately, I’ll have to carry the smallest Gilbert since she probably can’t see over the bubbles).

What else would you like to see me do to humiliate myself in the name of charity? Let me know via any of these methods!